Membership and Subscription Options

Want to join the Friends? Choose below from one of the following options. All prices are in $AUD. The What Is Included table below lists all the membership and subscriber options available and what is included in each category.

"See the What Is Included table below to see what each membership and subscriber category includes."


The following membership levels are available.

Membership Price 
 General membership* $44.00
 Volunteer membership** $33.00

* General memberships are restricted to people residing in Australia only. If you reside internationally, consider our international subscriber option.

** Volunteer Memberships are only available to RAAF Museum volunteers. Your membership application will not be approved and activated until we validate your volunteer status with the Museum.  


The following subscriber options are available.

MembershipPrice per year
Online Subscription $12.95
Postal Subscription Australia $40.00
Postal Subscription International $80.00

What Is Included?

Below is a table of all membership and subscriber options and what is included in each category.

 Membership LevelOnline Member PortalOnline Aerogram Library Postal Aerogram AGM & Voting Rights Member Events*Calendar 
General memberYesYes YesYes All eventsYes 
Volunteer memberYesYesYesYesAll eventsYes
Life memberYesYesYesYesAll eventsYes
Honorary subscriberYesYesYesNoSome eventsYes 
Online subscriberYesYesNoNoSome eventsNo
Postal subscriber AustraliaYesYesYesNoSome eventsYes
Postal subscriber InternationalYesYesYesNoNo eventsYes

* Member events that are subsidised by the Friends Of The RAAF Museum may be restricted to members only.  The committee reserves the right to offer invitations to members and subscribers across different categories on a case-by-case basis.

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